A step of faith

By Drum Digital
27 October 2011

On our way to his place in Jozi North we imagine a house full of crucifixes and a life-sized plasma TV with a DVD recording of one of his sermons running on a loop.

But then Mzwandile “Bonsai” Shongwe (35) isn’t your run-of-the-mill minister and there’s no sign that this hugely successful music producer – who brought us the likes of Mzambiya, Mshoza and Kelly Khumalo – has turned his back on music and become an equally impressive church leader.

There are no murals filled with serenity prayers and no SUV in the driveway with plates reading “God Loves You GP”.

“That’s old school,” he chuckles. “Hoarding crucifixes sounds like Religion 101; that’s not Christianity. I’m the sort of preacher who preaches from a smartphone. A few days before the opening of our church in Soweto I got a ribbing from a friend of mine who said, ‘You guys are promoting the start of your church like it’s a rock concert’.”

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