A weekend to remember (1/5)

By Drum Digital
09 March 2015

She found the SMS by accident and now it was clear what she had to do – or was it?

The invitation from Lungi read: “two days away from the hustle and bustle of the city. no husbands, no children and definitely no nannies.” I immediately decided to go.

It was exactly what I needed and it was long overdue. A while ago a group of us had dared each other to go on a girls’ getaway. Now Lungi had grabbed the bull by the horns and organised it.

We all loved our husbands and our children – and we were fond of our nannies even though they drove us round the bend sometimes. But we’d decided that, from time to time, we needed “me” time.

Time to break away from our stressful, full lives and just spoil ourselves. I desperately wanted to get away as things between my husband, Sizwe, and I were not going well. We were constantly bickering and Sizwe’s mood swings were getting me down. In fact, things were fast reaching the point of no return and the children, our gorgeous girls, were stuck in the middle of the mess, watching their parents hurt one another.

But they were too sweet – or too young – to tell us where to get off. So – a weekend. I would go and come back refreshed. And I was looking forward to having the opportunity to discuss the SMS in detail with my best friends Zoë, Dineo and Lungi.

Although we lived in the same suburb we hardly had a chance to meet up. We were all so busy multi-tasking – either climbing the corporate ladder or running our own businesses.

Then there was the fact that as all of us were married with children, we managed chaotic family lives. I met Zoë, Dineo and Lungi at varsity and we became sisters for life. Back then we vowed that no men, children or work would come between us. We swore we would be the glamour police: we wouldn’t let each other get bigger than a size 36, we’d be perfectly groomed and we’d keep our hairstyles trendy.

To be continued...

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