A weekend to remember (2/5)

By Drum Digital
10 March 2015

She found the SMS by accident and now it was clear what she had to do – or was it?

But somehow real life had caught up with us: we’d failed miserably in all three departments. We were all way over size 36, instead comfortably wearing size 40.

Well groomed? I doubt it. Our nails were bare, and even on the odd occasion that they were painted, the polish was sure to be chipped. We had no time for weaves, braids or hair relaxers.

Even our clothes were boring – plain suits for work and long shapeless dresses and skirts for weekends. We were sad cases, really. It was hard to recall how glamorous we’d once been.

While we were disappointed at this turn of events, it wasn’t half as bad as how we’d let the side down when it came to our relationships with men. We compromised, big time. We were walkovers.

It was hard to believe that we had once vowed never to tolerate infidelity. We thought being unfaithful was disrespectful. How did you regain trust after that? And what about the issue of sexually transmitted diseases? We could not believe or understand how our mothers and aunts could be forgiving about unfaithfulness. To us it was plain stupid. How could they endanger their lives like that?

Our motto when it came to love was plain and simple: “Love yourself more. Settle for a cheater, settle for a dreaded disease”. Ten years down the line, we hadn’t been true to our motto at all.

We had turned out like our mothers – taking whatever we received. This was always a sore point for me. Between us, we had lost count of the number of times our husbands had been with other women.

And each time, after the crying and the threats of divorce, we forgave them and went on with life as if nothing had happened. Of all of us, only Zoë had ever cheated on her husband.

She had been unfaithful once to get back at Themba after his affair with their neighbour had been exposed.

To be continued...

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