A weekend to remember (3/5)

By Drum Digital
11 March 2015

She found the SMS by accident and now it was clear what she had to do – or was it?

Unusually for a black man, Themba had forgiven her and they were working hard to save their marriage. I discovered the SMS by accident.

I’d taken Sizwe’s cellphone to make a call and had mistakenly pressed the key to open a new message instead of making a call.

The message came up on the screen and it was obvious it was from a woman, and one who knew my husband intimately. I cursed the day cellphones were invented.Their creator must have hated women with a passion.

The pain of discovering an SMS from your husband’s mistress is inexplicable: it can shatter lives in an instant and render everything unstable.

In a second a once-peaceful house becomes a war zone. All plans are abandoned in favour of short-term solutions. My short-term fix was Lungi’s getaway.

I knew what I had to do. I just needed my sisters’ approval. I wanted them to say they understood and would support me unconditionally.

I had questioned Sizwe immediately after my discovery and as I expected, he said he didn’t know who the message was from and that he’d done nothing wrong. “Why would I let you use my phone if I had something to hide?” he’d argued.

“Maybe you wanted me to find out,” I retorted. We had a long argument which ended in him storming out and me sulking.

When he came back to try to reason with me I wouldn’t listen. “You’re so stubborn,” he accused. “But at least I’m not unfaithful!” I shouted back.

Under normal circumstances, I would have thrown a tantrum, phoned the other woman and called the elders from both sides of the family. But I was just too tired.

A woman can only take so much. I didn’t have it in me to go on fighting. I knew what had to be done.

The weekend away was what I needed – the wine, the food, the gossip and the men-bashing.

Lungi had found a beautiful four-star game lodge with spa facilities.

To be continued...

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