A weekend to remember (4/5)

By Drum Digital
12 March 2015

She found the SMS by accident and now it was clear what she had to do – or was it?

It was reasonably priced, she said. I thought R4 000 per person per night was pretty expensive in anyone’s books – except if you happened to be Lungi Khuzwayo.

After we told her how ridiculous the price was, she asked her Simon to sponsor us – and to our delight he agreed. Her husband was a Black Diamond – BEE shareholdings, political credentials (courtesy of a father who’d been in exile but was now too old to take up the opportunities) and plenty of successful chicken franchises.

Lungi was living the life, married to her high-school sweetheart. She was kind, beautiful – and generous. So was Simon. They could be arrogant at times but their generosity ensured that we forgave them. She emailed us the details and instructed us to meet at the airport.

As I couldn’t get to the airport early, I didn’t catch a lift with the girls. Asking Sizwe was out of the question – we weren’t on speaking terms.

By the time I got there, the girls had taken an earlier flight and SMSed me to say they’d meet me at our destination. Irritated, I checked in all by myself. The flight and the drive to the coast were unremarkable. I reached our destination without losing my way too many times and only once did I have to phone the game lodge for directions.

When I arrived, I panicked when I heard the others had not yet checked in. When I tried to call them, none of them answered.

My room was tastefully decorated. There was a huge bunch of roses on the bed with two envelopes addressed to me. I opened the first one, marked Envelope One. “Dear Mrs Shangase, your husband, Sizwe, asked me to write this letter. I am pleased to have the opportunity to explain myself. I was terribly embarrassed to hear my SMS ended up going to YOUR husband instead of MINE, Vusi Shangase. I meant to send the message to 086 445 115 and not 086 444 112.

To be continued...

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