Abdul Khoza kicks off

By Drum Digital
03 January 2017

We got to appreciate of his acting chops when he won reality show Class Act in 2011, but Abdul Khoza hasn’t stopped there

He’s now venturing into music, and thinking about teaching martial arts. “I’ve just released a single, Ngwenya, which means crocodile,” he tells us. “I’m doing this because I want to be able to tell my story through music.

“As actors, we tell other people’s stories all the time, but never get to tell ours.”

He says the track is already playlisted on several radio stations around the country and “it’s making waves”. “It’s doing quite well and I only released it last month,” Abdul says. “I have been getting a lot of interview requests

to chat about it and I’m excited to see that it is being well-received.”

The Isibaya actor says he also plans on giving online martial art lessons. “But if I find a venue to start classes, I will sign a few people up. With my hectic schedule I hope it works out,” he adds.

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