Acceptance (1/5)

By Drum Digital
04 May 2015

Patience had a bad case of stepmother blues.

Patience lost it when she asked her husband, Eddy, and stepdaughter, Zara, to help her carry four bags of building mix from her car to the house. The unenthusiastic response from father and daughter resulted in a lot of sighing. They are so inconsiderate, Patience thought. “Never mind, I’ll just hire a potential burglar around the corner,” she snapped. “It will give him enough opportunity to scan the house and come back to rob us. So don’t bother!”

It was frustrating to be cook, stepmom, wife and handy woman all rolled into one. She wondered if it was all getting to her new husband: that she could cook, sew, hopefully make babies, was a goddess in bed – to say nothing of the pergola she was building in the backyard. “Was I mistaken, thinking this one loves me for who I am?” she thought to herself. She remembered the day they moved in together. As her stuff was being offloaded, he asked about her toolbox.

Eddy was amazed when she pulled out her power tools and told him how much she loved fixing things around the house. It was a skill she’d been born with. Her grandfather was that kind of man. He’d fix all the problems around the house on weekends. Patience had inherited this bug from him; she loved watching home improvement shows.

But as she carried the heavy bags of building mix into the yard, she wished she could have been like her aunt instead, and stuck to painting her nails red for him.

To be continued...

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