Acceptance (2/5)

By Drum Digital
05 May 2015

Patience had a bad case of stepmother blues.

She took her car keys, walked briskly to the car and locked all the doors, preventing any possibility of them changing their mindsand doing it later. Their reluctance was hurtful, so much so, she was thinking of going on strike. Maybe if lunches were not made and the house wasn’t cleaned and she slept in the guest room, then he would sit up and take note. Maybe if he had to pay a contractor to build the pergola he’d realise what an asset she was . . .

Back indoors, Eddy put his foot in it once more by telling her she was just like his mother. He also told her their union wouldn’t work if they didn’t behave with humility. To Patience this sounded like a threat – that

he’d leave her if she wasn’t humble, that she could keep him and the marriage together only if she was submissive to Eddy and relinquished all authority to her stepdaughter. Patience fired back, “The minute you

heard me say four bags of building mix you got an attitude and allowed our daughter to reciprocate!”

“I thought you wanted to ask me to help you build,” he said.

“I’ll never ask you to do that! You made it clear to me from day one you aren’t the handyman around here – and I’m okay with that. But I can’t carry bags of building mix.

To be continued...

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