Acceptance (3/5)

By Drum Digital
06 May 2015

Patience had a bad case of stepmother blues.

I’m wiped out after mixing cement, but do I come and bother you to help me? No! I take it in my stride.” Patience replayed their conversation over and over in her head, looking for anything wrong she might have said. In the end, it didn’t help and she felt sick to her core that he might regard her in the same light as his mother.

How could he find her attractive and sleep with her if this was the case? I’m not hating; I’m just rejecting, she told herself. How dare he, when I’m my own person, capable of expressing discomfort or anger. Just because I mention negative feelings when I have them! That doesn’t mean I’m just like his mother!”

Eddy's mother and Patience didn’t really get along. Her mother-in-law tended to be controlling and had undermined Patience on a few occasions. These issues became too much for Patience and the two women hadn’t spoken for almost a year. But as the marriage passed its third anniversary, relations improved with her motherin- law. They’d kissed and made up.

But that does not mean I’m like her, Patience told herself.

Supper didn’t happen and Patience slept in the guest room. She was waiting for Eddy to ask why, and had a knock-out answer prepared for him: Why do you want to sleep with your mother? She inwardly rehearsed the other things she could say: If you want a divorce, don’t use four bags of building mix to deliver the news.

To be continued...

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