Acceptance (5/5)

By Drum Digital
08 May 2015

Patience had a bad case of stepmother blues.

Eddy’s method seemed to translate as: Zara, do as you please, you’re old enough. And at 21, Zara seemed unwilling to take instructions from her. Her mother had died eight years before Patience came into the picture. Three years ago, she’d had to be an instant mom to this young adult, and she wished Eddy had helped her more when she needed to get through to Zara.

The following morning, which was Sunday, she woke up to an empty house. No one had told her where they were going. Once again she felt left out. Patience took a bath, feeling more tired than she should have, seeing as she’d just woken up. She was in the middle of sending a message to her friend Bee to ask if they could have a talk, when an SMS from Eddy beeped: I’m sorry I’ve been insensitive.

Her hear t almost skipped a beat when soon after that an SMS came from Zara which read: I’m sorry. Before she could decide what to say, she heard Eddy drive up the driveway and walk in with a big bunch of flowers. He sat her down and said to her, “P, it can’t be easy to walk into another woman’s house, inherit an adult stepkid, and deal with my laziness. Last night I realised how much you may feel like an outsider.

“You really are trying your best to make this house yours. I appreciate the decorative ideas you’ve come up with so far. The best I can do is carry heavy things for you. “Zara also needs to know that she has to accept you as her mom and respond to you as she would have if it was her mother asking her for a favour. I love you; your presence rescued me from grief. I don’t ever want to see you sleeping in the guest room. You’re not a guest.”

They hugged and kissed. Eddy told her that he and Zara had talked over the “bags of building mix crisis” - and they didn’t want her to feel unwelcome in her own home.

That was all that Patience needed in her life.]

The end.

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