Accounting is child’s play with fun game

By Drum Digital
25 April 2014

If you think balance sheets are things that only accountants and auditors are concerned with, think again. Thanks to Cash CowTM, an educational toolkit that helps children understand the basic principles of accounting, anyone can get the hang of it.

Cash CowTM helps learners, students and even entrepreneurs understand basic accounting principles and terminology with a unique visual learning experience.

Henk Koekemoer ? founder of Ebony & Ivory Consultancy, the company that created Cash CowTM ? says the toolkit can be used the way a calculator is used in maths. “Just like learners often use a calculator to solve maths problems, they can use the Cash CowTM toolkit to solve accounting problems.”

Children and their teachers can use Cash CowTM in the classroom to help understand a difficult subject more easily. “It helps with all kinds of things like debtors and creditors, and transaction entries that students often struggle with,” says Henk.

Cash CowTM was developed about two years ago and since then the company has also developed the Cash CowTM Business Bookkeeping board game. This helps learners cement their knowledge of the subject in a fun way. “It brings a fun element to the classroom environment and makes accounting enjoyable,” says Henk.

There are already big plans afoot to make the Cash CowTM products available in a digital format and to promote it overseas.

“Accounting is a critical component of business and everyone can use the skills – not only accountants or auditors. South Africa also needs more entrepreneurs that have accounting skills,” Henk says.

Cash CowTM products have been aligned with CAPS requirements and can easily be used to supplement existing resources. The toolkit consists of various resources, including a textbook and instructional DVD and is available in English and Afrikaans at R250. The Business Bookkeeping board game is available only in English at R600. Visit Cash Cow’s website for its contact details to place an order.

-Shané Barnard

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