Actors fight back

By Drum Digital
03 April 2014

Actress Florence Masebe and other high profile actors voice their frustrations over abuse in the workplace

Bullying in the acting fraternity’s been happening for years but thanks to forums such as Twitter actors, mostly women, are voicing and sharing their tribulations. Actresses such as Florence Masebe and S’thandiwe Kgoroge are some of the Mzansi’s prolific professionals who are bold enough to share their experiences on #ActorsHaveRights, a new Twitter group on abuse in the workplace.

  “I know an actress who terminated her pregnancy and pretended it was a miscarriage to avoid being fired from a soapie,” said Florence in one of her Tweets. “I also know an actress who risked her baby's life by inducing birth at seven and a half months to avoid being recast,” said Florence in a different tweet. “I remember a producer in the early 1990s who forced an actress to get back to work 2 days after a miscarriage.”   S’thandiwe Kgoroge who is married to renowed director Tony Kgoroge vented about the mistreatment she received as a pregnant actress. “This is dejavu!” wrote S’thandiwe who was supporting Florence. “Being told you're as fat as a pig, 2 months after giving birth! By a Female producer.  

Tiny Moloko who is counseling manager at POWA (People Opposing Women Abuse) has reacted with shock to the realities happening in the industry. She also encouraged actors to exercise their rights as citizens of the country.

“As POWA we believe every working environment should have policies that govern that particular environement. Any abuse that goes on in the working environemt can be dealt with. No woman should be subject to abuse. There are acts that protect the dignity of women. As POWA we’d like to encourage actors to solace in the human rights as afforded by our constitution.”

We did reach out to the award winning Florence trying to sound her on the issue but she declined to comment. Efforts to reach other actors proved unsuccessful.


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