Adele signing new publishing deal

By Drum Digital
14 March 2014

Adele is reportedly negotiating a new publishing deal which could be worth an estimated £10 million with earnings from song-writing royalties and an advance.

Adele is negotiating a new publishing deal.

The 25-year-old star's previous agreement is said to have expired and she's now reportedly working on a new contract - which will earn her money from songwriting royalties and will include an advance - which is estimated to be worth around £10 million.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "The figures being mentioned are huge.

"Publishing firms know anything Adele does will sell millions of copies and that the songwriting royalties will be huge."

Although the 'Rolling in the Deep' hitmaker has been taking a break from music to enjoy motherhood, as she gave birth to her first son Angelo James Konecki in 2012, she is still reported to be earning up to £32,000 a day in royalties from her past albums, and the new deal could suggest she's preparing to release new material.

The source added: "She's certain to get a big sum up front and more as she releases new material.

"Her next album should be out before the end of the year, the cash will start flowing in."

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