Afriforum to take farm murders to UN

By Drum Digital
11 September 2013

AfriForum and the families of farm murder victims will take a petition the United Nations to get the minister of police to act, the organisation said on Wednesday.

"... [AfriForum] started a petition today [Wednesday] for prioritising farm murders," the lobby group's deputy CEO Ernst Roets said in statement.

"The petition will be submitted to the UN forum for minority issues in November this year," he said.

Roets said the petition would be closed on November 1, after which the final preparation would start for AfriForum's participation in the UN forum.

"AfriForum has registered as a participant and will be afforded the opportunity to address the forum. The petition will serve as supporting evidence for a report to be submitted at the same time," he said.

During the launch, a report entitled "The Mthethwa Docket" was also presented.

The group said it detailed 10 instances in the past two years in which victims had tried to contact Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa to get him to intervene in farm murders.

"Their efforts were treated with disdain," said Roets.

AfriForum also released the video "How long still?", in which some of the victims' families related their attempts to communicate with Mthethwa, he said.

AfriForum was aiming to expose Mthethwa's "don't care attitude" towards farm murders.

"Mthethwa pays lip service to the issue, but has taken no real steps to curb farm murders," said Roets.

"As a matter of fact, every step taken by government during the past decade in terms of farm murders actually amounted to deprioritising the crime," he said.

He said AfriForum demanded that farm murders be prioritised, as this type of crime was unique and required a unique counter-strategy.


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