Agent of Change - Lindiwe Mazibuko

By Drum Digital
02 December 2011

South Africa today is still a racially divided country and don’t allow anyone to tell you differently.

The “rainbow nation” is a PR facade. Like the family’s best china, we bring it out only when we have international guests to impress. Our racism is everywhere, every day. Deepening the divide between black and white lives are poverty, unemployment, crime , HIV and grannies who have outlived their children and now look after their orphaned grandchildren, robbed forever of their golde

The opposite of this last scenario is white, privileged and most probably living in a comfortable retirement village. As Lubabalo Mngwili of the Black Wash movement puts it: “The privilege in Sandton is directly linked to the want in Alexandra.” But what if you’re black and living in Sandton?

How does one deal with the fact that 17 years since South Africa’s first democratic election our government has not managed to deliver on most of its promises to the majority of South Africans?

How do we respond to the increasingly angry demonstrations against government’s inadequate services? How do we respond to the thousands of unemployed youth who walked the 60 km from central Joburg to Pretoria?

How do I answer questions from fellow black professionals who experience racial discrimination in the workplace?

It is in this context that I meet the opposition’s hot new kid on the block Lindiwe Mazibuko, the newly elected Democratic Alliance parliamentary leader. She’s the first black person and the youngest ever at 31, in that position. Her rise is a phenomenal development in our politics . . .

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