Air dry your hair

By Drum Digital
18 November 2013

Try this at home.

Applying heat to your hair frequently is the leading cause of breakage and damage. Here's how to air dry your hair at home.

1) Towel dry your hair with a microfiber towel.  It helps absorb excess water.

2) Apply a quality leave in conditioner (this should be part of your natural hair care regimen already).  This helps hydrate your hair and smooth the cuticles.

3) Layer the leave in conditioner with oil. This can be marula oil, safflower or olive oil – whichever works best for.  The oil helps to hold in moisture and will help your air dried hair be soft and have sheen.

4) Set your hair using a method to "stretch" it out.  Knotted plaits work really well for all hair lengths. Note: You could do this in the evening, so you can give your hair enough time to dry overnight.

After a few hours when the hair is dry, untie the knots and comb your hair gently. Base your scalp with good hair food, and style.

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