AKA throws shade at local rappers

By Drum Digital
03 February 2015

AKA doesn't like to be compared to other rappers, it seems.

Modesty has never been SA rapper AKA's strongest trait. Earlier today when he started tweeting and throwing shade at local rappers we were not surprised. AKA is in Lagos, Nigeria where he and his band have a show tonight. His tweets spoke of how he is essentially better than most rappers in South Africa. He even went on to diss other rappers saying they are local and he is international. As he went on he then tweeted that he had been compared to other rappers hence his outburst. He later apologized for the rants and thanked his fans for the support. Will any local rapper take him up and throw shade back at him? Or will they like he said in one tweet 'sit in silence'? Only time will tell. His hit song All Eyes on me was playlisted on BBC 1 Extra. He shared that with his fans on twitter.  Here are some of the tweets;  

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