AKA’s boss rumored to be deported

By Drum Digital
11 March 2016

Just a few months ago US rapper Mos Def was arrested for allegedly trying to leave the country using an unrecognised passport. It turns out that the rapper is not the only one with passport problems.

By Khosi Biyela

Rumour has it Vth Season owner Raphael Benza, known as Benza, was deported from SA upon discovery that he’s allegedly in the country illegally. Benza’s company manages rapper AKA, Yanga, Tresor and Berita. The music manager is a Guyana national (a country on the northeast coast of South America).

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However, Vth Season has released a statement disputing the allegations and rumours. In fact, they revealed that Benza had travelled to Nigeria last year on a business trip but on his return, he was alerted that a fraudulent endorsement letter from the Department of Trade and Industry was used to secure him a visa.

“Upon investigation, it appears that the agency used to obtain Benza’s visa might have been involved in fraudulent activities, and it was a misfortune that Benza utilised their services unknowingly and now finds himself in this unwarranted situation,” the statement read.

Benza has been in SA for 14 years, but has been prevented from returning. It’s said that he’s taking legal action against the authorities. His attorney, David Feinberg from Rosin Wright Rosengarten, says they have lodged an application against the Minister of Home Affairs and the Director General of Home Affairs to bring Benza back.

“This is made clear in a previous High Court precedent dealing with a very similar situation. We have every confidence that the Department of Home Affairs will take this precedent into account when deciding on whether to oppose this application,” Feinberg said, adding that he does not wish to comment on the merits of the court case.

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