AKA's nasty split from manager

By Drum Digital
16 October 2016

Kiernan Forbes has shockingly announced the split from his long-term management company and manager.

The SupaMega took to social media to announce the split from Vth Season, the management company that's represented him since he went solo, and Raphael Benza, the owner of the company.

AKA confirmed to a fan that the fallout was "much worse", further saying that no one wants to works with his former manager. "Nobody wants to deal with Raphael Benza..This is not a secret," he said, in a now deleted tweet.

AKA likened the fallout to that of Lil' Wayne and Birdman proportions.

"Not a fall out bro.. Far worse. Birdman/Wayne type sh*t", he said.

He further went on to warn Tressor, Yanga and Big Star against the company, advising them to get legal representation. 

AKA Tressor Kiernan assured his fans that this is the start of a new era, since he's been quietly working on establishing his own company.

Vth Season and Benza are yet to respond.

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