Alicia Keys splits from Blackberry

By Drum Digital
03 January 2014

Alicia Keys hasn't always seemed on board with her partnership with Blackberry, and after only one year she has severed ties with the company.

Alicia Keys made a surprising move less than a year ago, by announcing a new partnership with Blackberry.

But less than a year later, that love affair is over. The company has faced a tough 2013, and the broken partnership probably doesn't help.

Sources told Billboard that Keys had signed with Blackberry to help develop new ideas for an entertainment program put on by the company.

Keys also used a Blackberry as a prop while on tour.

Not only was Keys' one-year commitment up, but every executive on board with her signing left (or was made to leave) the company in the last year.

"She got on a sinking ship," a source said.

- ContactMusic

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