All-natural hair loss remedies

By Drum Digital
24 November 2014

The following home remedies are examples of things that can be done at home when struggling with hair loss.

There are types of hair loss that do not need a doctor’s intervention. Some just require us stop doing the things that aggravate hair loss.

Vitamins and iron

For women whose hair loss is due to crash diets, heavy menstrual periods or physical trauma the recommended supplementation is a high-potency multivitamin and iron, together vitamin C to boost iron absorption.

Aloe vera gel

The suggested use for aloe vera is to apply the gel to the scalp every night before bed and to eat two tablespoons each day. The gel can be blended into your favourite juice for taste.

Jojoba oil

After cleaning the scalp, massage jojoba oil on bald spots, or thinning areas. The oil stimulates and encourages hair growth.

Rosemary and sage

Rosemary acts as a tonic and conditioner, gives lustre and body to hair. It also stimulates growth, helps with dandruff and brings out dark highlights in the hair. Sage is great for weak, damaged hair.

Avoid damaging heat

Don’t use any form of heat on your hair when experiencing hair loss or if you’re trying to get your hair to be healthier.


Hair massage is very beneficial when you are losing hair because it stimulates the scalp. Find a method that works for you. It is also useful to add an essential oil when practising the scalp massage.


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