Almost R3 million spent on transporting Dewani to SA

By Drum Digital
09 April 2014

Dewani costs escalate. A private plane was used to transport him to SA from the UK at a cost of almost R3 million

Nearly R3 million was spent on transporting honeymoon murder-accused Shrien Dewani from the United Kingdom to South Africa, the justice department said on Tuesday.

"In the interests of accountability and transparency... the costs of transporting Mr. Dewani from the Bristol Airport in the United Kingdom to Cape Town International Airport in South Africa is R2,905,574.31," said spokesman Mthunzi Mhaga in a statement.

Dewani arrived in Cape Town on a chartered plane earlier on Tuesday morning. Earlier, in a separate statement also on Tuesday morning, Mhaga indicated that travelling with Dewani was a South African doctor, a nurse, members of the South African Police Services and Interpol. He said at the time the department considered a number of reasons when deciding to use a private plane.

"We took into account the fact that there was undisputed evidence during [the] extradition hearing that he had displayed suicidal tendencies and the South African government did not want to take chances," he said. "His peculiar medical condition needed to be monitored and the situation on a commercial fight had the potential to compromise it and that would have [an] adverse effect on the pending medical examination in a bid to get him to recover.

"Mhaga said there was a need to ensure Dewani and the team he travelled with were secure.

"...[It] would have been difficult on a commercial flight with many passengers. [It] had [the] potential to compromise their security as his identity is now well-known," he said.

Dewani was extradited from the UK to South Africa to face charges related to the murder of his wife Anni. He claimed he and Anni were kidnapped at gunpoint as they drove through Gugulethu in Cape Town in a taxi in November 2010. The couple had been on honeymoon in the country.

- Sapa

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