Always an answer (2/5)

By Drum Digital
31 March 2015

Gogo Johanna was the family problem-solver.

From the lounge, my husband was in full flight, too: “Doesn’t that girl realise that we have done our time?We’ve brought up three children of our own.What we need now is a little peace and quiet in our sunset years.”

I love my husband, but he can be really stubborn sometimes.As I put down my cellphone, I pulled a face at him: a disdainful, irritated face. Instantly I caught sight of my reflection in the mirror.That pulled me up short. Goodness, how unpleasant I looked! And in that moment, I got this wonderful idea for how I could help Thandi. I really did have an answer! I was quite impressed with myself. Normally my husband is the one with clever solutions. But this idea was all mine.

It was just after 2 pm and my husband was having his afternoon nap. I drove down to the nearby secondhand furniture store. A young assistant helped me to find the perfect item: a large wall mirror.Together we manoeuvred it into the car. When I got to my son’s house, Thandi stared in bewilderment at my purchase.

“What in the world is that for?” she asked. She was looking a little frazzled, poor thing.

I explained my idea. “We’ll put it up in the dining room. And when Olona and Emmanuel and Jacob start their nonsense, they’ll see their reflections in the mirror. They’ll see how unpleasant they look when they’re fighting and being mean. I bet you they will stop instantly. Just so they can look good.”

Thandi didn’t seem convinced. But she helped me hang up the mirror in the dining room.With Andile away, she’s become quite good at DIY. Then Olona and Emmanuel and Jacob arrived home from school.

To be continued...

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