Always an answer (3/5)

By Drum Digital
01 April 2015

Gogo Johanna was the family problem-solver.

They stopped squabbling long enough to tell me their news: Olona had got an invitation to Jenna-May’s birthday party and Jenna-May was the coolest, most popular girl in the whole class. And Emmanuel had almost scored a goal at the soccer trials and Jacob was going to see his friend’s new bike. Not one of them even noticed the new mirror.

Oh well!

Just before I left,Thandi gave me an extra big hug. “It means so much to me, Mama, to know that you always have an answer for me.”

I returned home to find my husband a little grumpy. He’d woken up to an empty house. “I suppose you’ve been with Nomthandazo, fussing again.You really must take a back seat, Johanna. I don’t want Andile thinking that we meddle in his affairs.” I smiled, knowing in my heart that my husband was wrong. Andile and I have always been close. I was certain my eldest son was glad that his wife could call on me when she had a problem. When she phoned that evening, she sounded on top of the world.

“Oh Mama!” she said without a hint of a wail. “That mirror worked like a miracle! It was the happiest mealtime we’ve had in ages. All three of them were being so polite, smiling at each other, even eating with their mouths closed.They kept taking little peeks at their reflections. What a clever idea!”

I winked at my reflection in my mirror at home. I was very proud of myself and my little idea. I said, “I told you, dear: there is always an answer.”

On Saturday, my husband and I picked up the grandchildren as usual.This is his idea.

To be continued...

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