Always an answer (4/5)

By Drum Digital
02 April 2015

Gogo Johanna was the family problem-solver.

Once a week we take them out for the day, give Thandi a break, spend some quality time with Olona and Emmanuel and Jacob. This week we took them to the local stables, then to a fast food joint where they ordered two lots of dessert each and then to our house to watch a very loud action-packed DVD that my husband had hired. All three behaved like little angels.They always do when their grandfather is around.

After we’d dropped them off, he said, “What a fine bunch of children. No trouble at all. Just like their father, just like their uncles. I don’t understand why Nomthandazo has such difficulties with them.” I said nothing. I didn’t remind him that our sons had given us trouble when they were teenagers. There was the terrible time we went through with Andile during his sixteenth year.There were the times we’d been called to meetings with the headmaster about our middle son,Alex. Even our youngest, Thabo, had given us sleepless nights with his unroadworthy motorbike.

It was Wednesday morning quite early when my daughter-in-law next phoned. “Oh Mama,” she wailed. “I don’t know what to do. It’s a nightmare! I’ve got Olona going on and on – that she needs to have a tongue ring! All her friends have one. And this Jenna-May says without a tongue ring, you’ll never really belong. But Andile would have a fit, I know. “And then I’ve got Jacob going on and on that his nose is too big. And skew as well. He says the kids at school tease him and he can see why. “And then there’s Emmanuel panicking that his pimples are turning into acne. He’s begging me to take him to a dermatologist. I don’t even want to think what that would cost.”

“Oh dear,” I murmured sympathetically.

To be continued...

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