Amber Rose & Nicki Minaj's butt injector in court

By Drum Digital
02 March 2015

A woman who has appeared for murder after a botched buttox procedure has name dropped Amber Rose as one of her high-profile clients.

A transgendered woman who has appeared in court for third degree murder after a botched buttox procedure on an English dancer has testified that her reputation precedes her as she has performed the same kind of procedure on American socialite Amber Rose. E! Online reports that Padge-Victoria Windslowe, who also goes by the name Black Madam, has been charged with murder after her illegal buttox injections caused the death of English breakdancer Claudia Aderotimi in 2011. Windslowe who calls herself the "the Michelangelo of buttocks injections", told a court in Philadelphia on Friday that she was good at her job and has had many noteable clients including Amber Rose before she was famous as a defense for her expertise. Black Madam testified that Amber "was like a walking billboard" for Windslowe's and that she gave her clients too as "she brought a lot of girls from VH1." Nicki Minaj was meant to consult with Windslowe for a "correction" but the procedure never came to be. Windslowe was once a hip hop performer and is believed to have once run a brothel. Aderotimi's death is believed to have been cause by lower-grade silicone injected into her buttox at a Philadelphia airport hotel in 2011.

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