An ad that helps you track your child

By Drum Digital
19 May 2014

Skincare company NIVEA has published a magazine advertisement which can be turned into a pull-out armband that can act as a tracking mechanism for your kids. Think it’s unbelievable? Watch the video here.

Skincare company NIVEA placed an ad in a Brazilian magazine which can be turned into something moms can actually use. The advertisement has a pull-out armband which mothers can fasten around their kids’ arms during visits to the beach. The armband then works as a tracking device which means moms can relax and enjoy the sun.

The armband works together with a cellphone app which you can set according to how far you want to allow your child to wander. If the child (wearing the armband!) wanders further than the distance you’ve entered, an alarm on your cellphone will alert you and the app will help you find them. What an innovation . . .

-Suzaan Hauman


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