ANC fingered in Julius Malema’s parliamentary office burglary

By Drum Digital
30 July 2015

ANC is reported to have dismissed the claims as ''stupid and not worthy of comment'' and a publicity stunt.

In what the EFF believe to be a plot to weaken it, its Chief-In-Commander’s parliamentary office is reported to have been burgled.

Julius Malema’s office was broken into and Times Live reported that "confidential" files containing information about whistle-blowers in parastatals and "other government entities", and other sensitive party documents were stolen.

EFF is pointing fingers at the ANC.

However, On Wednesday evening,

ANC parliamentary spokesman Moloto Mothapo said: ''How will we know that they did not break into their own office as a publicity stunt. They are being reckless.''

Times Live said that instead of being intimidated, EFF insiders said that the burglary had strengthened their resolve to take on the governing party and hold it to account.

EFF spokesman Mbuyiseni Ndlozi is reported to have said there was nothing in the stolen documents that could be used to intimidate the party or "our fearless leader".

"No one, not even this government, can intimidate us and stop us from the work that we are doing."

Malema would not comment on the burglary, telling The Times he was "preparing for my upcoming case with my lawyers".

He is to appear in the Polokwane High Court on Monday on charges of fraud, corruption and racketeering.

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