ANC forced to reprint posters in Western Cape

By Drum Digital
06 January 2015

"It's like they wanted to keep out the black people from town so they made being at the Greenpoint stadium a huge mission. We abided by the rules and we will be there, in our thousands," she explained.

The ANC 103 celebrations that are happening in Western Cape this year have had quite a number of glitches. ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe yesterday spoke of the City of Cape Town putting "draconian measures” against the celebrations. He spoke of extra money that was needed to do preparations for the stadium if ANC rally organizers arrived early as well as protests against their posters' colours, design and font. Speaking to DRUM earlier Minister of Small Business Lindiwe Zulu echoed Mantashe's sentiments; 'City of Cape Town has been draconian, we went as far as to reprint our posters just because they didn't like the font and colors. The challenge was for town so the old posters they didn't mind for the township but we had to change for town.Which I feel is ridiculous."

Minister Zulu said ANC has no problem with obeying the law as the party itself tells its members to be peaceful. She says the way the City of Cape Town behaved made them realize it's about the race.

Zulu said the government of the province needs to start seeing black people not as people who will cause a mess but as equals.

The new posters are out in the City in Town while the old original ones are in the various townships of Western Cape.

Zulu also reassured all the people that there is enough security at the stadium and buses leave from all over Cape Town for the 10 July rally at Greenpoint stadium.

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