ANC happy but unsatisfied: Gwede

By Drum Digital
08 May 2014

A quick chat with ANC's Gwede Mantashe on the results thus far

Thirteen hours into election results at the result centre in Pretoria, the ANC has successfully reached a 60.45% of counted votes. This has given them an impressive 6.2 million number of votes cast in yesterday’s election.

Despite reported incidences of violence and attempts to boycott the elections across the country in areas such as Bekkersdal in Gauteng and Gugulethu in Cape Town, it seems millions of South Africans would not be deterred from participating.

Secretary General of the ANC, Gwede Mantashe, answers a few question about how he thinks the longstanding political party faired at this year’s polls.

Q: Is the ANC satisfied with the number of votes accumulated thus far into the counting process?

A: The results are not far from what we were hoping to achieve as a resounding majority which governs this country. However, we wish that the results would go up from what we achieved in 2009.

Q: How do you think your campaign was effective in attracting the youth and first time voters?

A: We had specific areas in our campaign that were focused on young voters. We appealed to young professionals and used social media to engage students. We made direct contact with them by visiting their communities. The ANC Women’s League was given a mandate to appeal to young women and the ANC Youth League had to appeal to young first time voters.

Q: Which political party has surprised you in their performance this year?

A: There haven’t been any unexpected surprises. The trend over time has been that those who have left the ANC form smaller opposition parties. ANC supporters who are unhappy with us have moved to the EFF, in the past it was COPE. However, COPE achieved a larger percentage of voters at 6%, the EFF has not been as successful and they have only received 4% of votes this year.

Q: Has the DA apologised for their controversial sms?

A: If they do not apologise they will be in contempt of court. They need to prove that they respect the law and are capable of upholding constitutional values. These institutions are at the helm of good governance and the DA always talk about democracy. It is now time for them to stop talking about it and actually live it.

-  Ayanda Sitole

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