ANC housing “extraordinary success” – Race Relations

By Drum Digital
07 December 2015

Frans Cronjé, Chief Executive Officer at the Institute of Race Relations (IRR) says housing delivery under the African National Congress has been an “extraordinary success”

By Ayanda Sitole


Data compiled by the IRR revealed that  in 1996 there were 3 432 002 black-African families residing in formal housing. By 2014 that number had risen to 9 432 000, an increase of 5 990 998 (174.6%).

“Our calculations indicate that 912 black-African families have moved into a formal house every day since 1996, while the number moving into a shack was just 83,” says Cronjé. “The housing policy of the government, therefore, saw more than 10 black families move into a formal house for every one such family that moved into a shack. Overall we are able to show that the proportion of black families living in a formal house has increased from 52.5% to 75.4% over the past 20 years.”

Further statistics show that of at least 2 319 567 households residing in formal dwellings, 38.7%, were made possible by the State.

However, informal housing increased too. The number of people living in shacks increased from 1 386 637 to 1 933 000 or by 546 363 (39.4%).

Cronjé says the rate of formal housing increased despite the accelerated flow of people from rural to urban areas, and a significant increase in the total number of households.

He believes the ANC has achieved more success in service delivery than it is given credit for. “The view that the service delivery efforts of the Government have failed and that living standards are only a little better than they were 20 years ago is untrue. On the contrary, service delivery (in the form of housing) must be judged as a success in many respects. These numbers again corroborate that argument,” he concludes.

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