"ANC is a dying party"- Hellen Zille

By Drum Digital
18 October 2013

The ANC is a dying party, Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille said yesterday.

Zille was speaking at a gala event hosted by the SA Institute of Race Relations in Johannesburg.

"There is a lot of tension and divergence in the ruling party. The ANC cannot save itself from the ANC," Zille said.

"The ANC is a dying party. A wounded animal is always the most dangerous. In the next 10 years we'll see just how vicious it can be."

She said there was a series of catalytic moments currently in the political landscape that would contribute to the fundamental realignment of politics in the country.

Zille noted "many missed moments" for the realignment.

"The DA will be at the centre if this realignment, and the DA will do well in South Africa," she said.



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