ANC passes 3 million mark

By Drum Digital
08 May 2014

ANC makes up 60.45% of counted votes

The African National Congress has passed the 3 million votes mark while the Democratic Alliance passed the million votes mark on Thursday morning in the fifth national elections.

At 8.50am the ANC had 3,238,093 votes, making up 60.45% of all counted votes and the DA had 1,374,148 votes, making up 25.65% of the counted votes.

The Economic Freedom Fighters had 233,226 (4.35%) of the votes and the United Democratic Movement had 54,219 (1.01%) of the votes.

The Freedom Front Plus 59,437, (1.11%), the Congress of the People 44,183 (0.82%), Inkatha Freedom Party 116,574 (2.18%), Agang SA 10,841 (0.20%) and the National Freedom Party had 81,183 (1.52%) votes.

A total of 5,488,726 votes had been counted.

-           Sapa

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