ANC should rid itself of corrupt and factional members: Zuma

By Drum Digital
10 January 2015

President Jacob Zuma says the ANC should rid itself of corrupt and factional members who undermine the governing party’s unity and cohesion.

Delivering the party’s traditional January 8th statement to mark the party’s 103rd birthday at the Cape Town stadium, Zuma asked the party supporters to rededicate itself to the party’s values, which he said included discipline and service to the people.

“We must continuously guard against the manipulation of our democratic processes by those among us who wish to use the ANC for personal gain and self-aggrandisement.

“Our major task is to deepen discipline and service to the people at all times,” he said.

The party estimated that around 59 000 people were in and around the stadium before Zuma delivered his address, even though some of the seats were empty supposedly because of the scorching heat in the DA-governed coastal city. The stadium sits 52 000 people at most.

He also urged party branches to take charge in solving problems facing their communities by establishing street committees.

Zuma also pledged to grow the middle class, especially the black middle class.

“We are deracialising the South African economy. The ANC government is taking steps to enhance its developmental role and create a more conducive environment to achieve that objective,” he said.

He urged businesses to donate to the party, saying a weaker ANC means weaker businesses. However he steered clear of his past statements that the business of any businessman who donates to the party will multiply, a remark that drew flak from the opposition.

The crowd, drawn from many provinces, was entertained by various artists included Dr Malinga, Zakes Bantwini and DJ Merlon.

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