ANC's NEC throws their weight behind President Zuma

By Drum Digital
29 November 2016

ANC members of National Executive Committee have stood by their guns and said they support President Jacob Zuma and reject any call for him to resign.

In a media briefing held on Tuesday, ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe, said they are, in fact, strengthening unity within the political party in the lead up to the 2017 elective conference,

He said calls for President Zuma to resign are ignoring the fact that a new leader of the political party will be elected next year. He described the new leader as someone who would be the new face of the political party in 2019 ahead of the national elections.

Mantashe did not shy away from questions by the media about the ANC having a visible split within the political party, saying those who want to leave the party must do so.

“If you are tired of implementing the programs of the ANC you are welcome to leave. We will release you,” he said. “If you want to operate as a free agent, you will have to contest elections as a free agent.”

Deputy Secretary General of the ANC, Jessie Duarte, addressed the EFF’s call to have another vote of no confidence against president Zuma in parliament, saying that this will not faze members of the political party.

“A vote of no confidence does not worry us. The EFF must bring it on,” she said. “There are those in the minority that want to destabilise us but they will not win.”

Mantashe said negative reports of the ANC NEC meeting over the weekend were false and Duarte affirmed this, describing the meeting as being ‘robust’.

“We are an organisation that thinks, plans and engages one another,” he says. “People have told us painful truths and we listen,” Mantashe said.

Mantashe also pointed out that there would not be a mass exodus of cabinet members, following 2008 where eight members of cabinet resigned and joined COPE (Congress Of the People).

He also denied that a vote of no confidence was ever on the table at the NEC meeting over the weekend and affirms that there is unity that President Zuma will not resign. South Africans expressed their own views about this decision:  

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