ANCYL ready for a female president – Gigaba

By Drum Digital
04 September 2015

National task team member Malusi Gigaba says the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) is ready for a female president.

Speaking ahead of the 25th ANCYL national congress at the Gallagher Convention Centre on Friday, Gigaba said the league must take a “zebra stripes” approach.

“The branches have gone through rigorous processes of nominating candidates. To address the gender question, we need to impose on the organisation the zebra approach.”

The "zebra approach" ensured there was gender parity in the organisation's leadership structures.

He said if the party left it up to the branches to decide, the ANCYL would be led by men only.

“They must apply the zebra approach and bring on board women,” said Gigaba.

“The league is ready to have a female president even at this congress. It is up to the branches to decide."

He said the gender equality question was fundamental. The league had increased the quota from 30% to 40% in 2004 - ahead of the ANC's decision in 2007 to create 50/50 equality.

“So the ANCYL has always been ahead of the ANC. We should get worried, when in terms of radical ideas, it is the ANC that is more radical than the ANCYL on this question of gender.

"There are many competent young women who are building their provinces and are here as provincial chairpersons and provincial secretaries and sit in committees of the youth league. They have enough experience to be the ANCYL president,” said Gigaba.

Source: News24

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