Anele and Thembisa share their thoughts on Atandwa Kani

By Drum Digital
21 June 2017

I didn't appreciate how I was treated- Thembisa

Talk show host and radio personality Anele Mdoda says that even though they have had their difference she actually thinks that Atandwa Kani is a good actor.

Speaking about Atandwa in True Love magazine Anele says she actually also wouldn't mind interviewing him. “I’d interview him on my show though, because he is very talented,” said Anele.

In the interview Anele's sister Thembisa also spoke of Atandwa and how she didn't like how he behaved during their split.

“I think he was going through a lot back then, but I’m not going to make excuses for him - I didn’t appreciate how I was treated,” said Thembisa.

Even though she wasn't happy Thembisa revealed a few weeks ago in an interview with Real Talk with Anele that she and Atandwa are no longer fighting or beefing.

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