Anele Mdoda buys her helper an Audi A3

By Qhama Dayile
25 January 2017

Anele trusts Florence and has managed to travel with her to many countries...

Anele Mdoda’s friend Xolisa Dyeshana recently shared a picture on Instagram of media darling Anele with her son Alakhe and helper Florence who has become part of Anele’s family and has played a big role in helping to raise Anele’s first child Alakhe. Anele trusts Florence and has managed to travel with her to many countries before recently buying her the Audi A3 worth more than R390 000. “Anele took her to Cape Town and Durban, then Croatia, Paris, Monaco and even New York,” said Dyeshana.

This is a post about the lady on the right of this photo. Her name is Florence. She used to work for Anele & I. She was our helper. She was amazing. No, but really amazing. In that time, she got herself a learners. Then a drivers. Then her first car. An old Hyundai Elantra. She loved it. And was so proud. So were we. Then Anele had a baby. And we agreed she would hire Flo full time. I was sad. But happy for Flo. She had a full time job. Then she helped Anele raise Alakhe. And they were like one big happy family. Anele, Alakhe & Flo. Then Anele took her to Cape Town & Durban. Her first time. Then Croatia. Then Paris. Then Monaco. And even New York. Must be nice. Very nice. Then the other day I found out something amazing. Anele bought her a freaking A3. How awesome? Apparently she was the woMAN when she went home in Dec. Big up Aneezy. But more big up to the lady on the right of this picture. Florence. The one who teaches us all that no matter what your past, through hard work, dedication and passion you can always change your future. P.S In my next lifetime I want to work for Anele.

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