Anele Mdoda reveals how she gets through her day

By Drum Digital
16 May 2017

Anele opens up

Media personality and Safta winning talk show host Anele Mdoda says her days can be very busy and hectic but she always makes it through them with the following things;

Hearing my son laugh- He has the most amazing laugh and he laughs almost all the time. It makes me soooo happy.

My WhatsApp group with my sisters - We chat all the time about life, our days, family stuff and more. It helps me make it through the day.

I can’t live without sleep! - I’m very busy but get to bed

by 7.30 pm.

My WhatsApp group with my friends- We call ourselves

“The Mafia”.

I can’t live without TV- I love watching Our Perfect

Wedding and Big Little lies.


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