Angry bird terrorises family

By Drum Digital
27 March 2014

A pheasant has left a farmer and his wife too scared to leave their house.

An angry pheasant is terrorising a family.

Robert Hamilton and his wife Anne-Marie, from Cambridgeshire, south-western England, are so scared of the bird they have been forced to enter and exit their house carrying a stick to defend themselves against attack.

The fowl even charged at a delivery van as it attempted to exit the farm by pecking at its bonnet and chased the couple's pet dog Amy around the garden.

Anne-Marie, 63, told The Express newspaper: "The pheasant arrived about three weeks ago and he has been terrorising us ever since. He frightened our poor Jack Russell Amy when she went into the garden and chased her all the way down the farm track.

"If you go near him he flies at you with his sharp beak and you know that if he does any damage it will really hurt."

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