Are you ready? Tertiary 101

By Drum Digital
26 January 2015

About to go to tertiary? We’ve got tips on how to prepare for the ? new challenges you will face in first, second and third year.


So, you’re fresh out of school ?and about to go to tertiary – ?congratulations!

Order a ?pizza and treat yourself to ?a tub of frozen yoghurt ... ?but wait! Isn’t tertiary just a different type of school?

Well, yes and no. Yes, you’ve got ?loads to study and it isn’t going to be easy, but you don’t need to wake up at six in the morning anymore, classes are thoughtfully spread with snack breaks in between and you get to meet a whole crowd of cool people. Best of all, you’ve seen the last of that awful uniform!

In this two-part series we tell you what you can expect in terms of your new- found independence, lectures and health.

Keep reading DRUM online for handy hints on keeping healthy during your first, ?second and third years, as well as the low-down on boys and, of course, fun!

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