Arms deal granted interdict

By Drum Digital
15 March 2012

A weapons dealer was granted an interim interdict against the military by the High Court in Pretoria after it seized a container of his weapons, according to a report on Thursday.

The Cape Times reported that Defence Intelligence officials and Military Police attached Johan Erasmus' weapons, worth around R15 million, at the Wallmansthal Special Forces military base on Wednesday.

The attachment was effected without a search warrant, apparently on concerns of national security and the possibility of them being used in a coup d'etat by forces the military described as the "Boeremag".

Erasmus, who is operations manager for the Armscor-vetted and registered importer and exporter New Generation Ammunition, said in court papers these claims were slanderous.

According to the report, Erasmus believed the defence force wanted him out of business so they could hijack business contracts.

The defence force had 30 days to respond.

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