"As his wife I will never disrespect his memory" - Ayanda Ncwane

By Drum Digital
03 March 2017

On Thursday Ayanda took the opportunity to rectify rumours surrounding a family feud over Sfiso's cause of death

A few weeks after Sfiso died, reports of conflict surfaced involving Sfiso's widow and her mother-in-law in regards to his cause of death.

"I am hurt by some of the stories that have come up after my husband passed. But I have been comforted by many people that have said to me, 'we understand, sis Ayanda.' People have come up to me to tell me that after a huge loss all families are tested," she shared.

Ayanda did not address the issue directly, but instead she said she understands her place as a child of the Ncwane family and her responsibilities with in it, and thus she would never disrespect his memory.

"Sfiso respected himself a lot. As his wife I will never disrespect his memory by failing his family or our children, with my behaviour. Because that is what he has taught me," she said.

Source: TimesLive

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