Ask Bra Lucas: Girls don’t like me

By Drum Digital
21 April 2014

Ask Bra Lucas

Anonymous asks: I’m definitely not a shy guy and chase girls all the time but never seem to score. I’m not ugly either, so what am I doing wrong?

Bra Lucas answers: Girls aren’t chickens so stop behaving like a rooster. To score in the love stakes you need to first learn that there’s a fine line between being an irritating pest who doesn’t know when he’s not wanted and a guy who is serious about finding love. To transform one of your high-speed flings into a successful relationship means educating yourself on what not to do. Don’t follow a girl you like home (you’re not a stalker), or try to stop her by grabbing her arm (unless you’re teaching her wrestling). Be gentle and use words to make her take notice of your intentions. Remember you don’t really know each other and you don’t want her to feel awkward, or even scared. Keep it short and interesting enough for you to ask for her number.

Let’s assume you’ve got her contact details and are itching to hear her voice or read her replies to your fascinating text messages. Don’t call! Not straight away at least. Play hide and seek and keep her guessing why you’re not calling or sms-ing. Waiting a few days will do you the world of good if she’s into you. Women love to be teased and it will keep her guessing about how interested you are in her. Whatever you do, don’t fill her inbox with text messages or bug her with annoying missed calls. If she doesn’t respond after one text, she’s probably not near her phone. But if she doesn’t respond after three, then she’s most likely not interested. Drunken cellphone calls are much, much worse. The embarrassment of rereading your texts sent with booze-fuelled confidence the previous night should be enough to discourage a repeat performance. Play the boyfriend she wants to have and move according to her pace. After all, you’re the one making a play for her and not the other way around. Forcing a girl to give you an “answer” is sure to ruin your chances. Remember, you two aren’t dating. Don’t give her any reason to suggest you’ll be a pushy clinger if she dares open her heart to you. Play it cool and she won’t be able to resist your easy self-confidence. That’s the way to woo a woman, not like a cocksure rooster intent on screwing every chicken in the coop.

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