Ask Bra Mo: I really miss my girlfriend

By Drum Digital
01 May 2015

My girlfriend recently dumped me for no reason.

She refuses to speak to me and tells me that she's moved on with her life and I must do the same. The problem is that I miss her terribly. I can't move on without her. Please help me to get her back.

Bra Mo answers:

That really sucks. Guys don't take break-ups well. We fret and over-analyse where we went wrong. "Do I have bad breath? Maybe she didn't like my jokes? Perhaps I said 'I love you' too quickly." On the other hand, some women simply call a girlfriend, watch a romantic movie, cry a little and that's it. Then they get on with their lives. The reality is if your girlfriend says it's over, that's it. You could ask her for a second chance,but be prepared to be rejected. Try to get on with your life: see friends, exercise, keep busy. You'll feel better in time.

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