Ask Bra mo: My new girlfriend is too secretive

By Drum Digital
06 May 2015

I am two months into a relationship and have suspicions that my girlfriend might be cheating on me.

She doesn't take my calls at night and when she's away, she never replies to my SMSes. She always has excuses not to walk with me or spend a few hours together. I love her so much, I doubt if she feels the same. How can I resolve the situation?

Bra Mo answers:

If you are two months into this relationship and it's already giving you headaches, imagine what it will be like two tears down the line. At this time you should be head over heels in love and spending every conceivable moment with each other. However, another point to consider is that you might be coming on too strong. Perhaps she wants to take things slowly? Take the cue and scale back and see if there are any changes to her behaviour. Don't call her for a week and see if she notices. If she does, you might have a chance and you were worried for nothing. However, if she doesn't, know that you have to walk away. Good luck!

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