Ask Dr Nomteto: He doesn't want a baby

By Drum Digital
07 July 2015

He said he doesn't want a baby.

I'm 23 and my partner and my partner is 24. In March we had unprotected sex 14 days after my period and I've not had a period since then. I also have a thick discharge. I told my partner and he said he doesn't want a baby and threatened to leave me if I'm pregnant. Please help.

Dr Nomteto answers:

I suggest you do a pregnancy test. You can get one over the counter at a pharmacy and it's quite accurate. Whatever happens to you, support is important. Speak to someone you trust who can support you. Your local clinic has professionals who offer free VCT (voluntary counselling and testing). You can do the pregnancy test there, too. Take charge of your lifeby making an informed decision. Don't leave it to your sexual partner. Abortion should not be seen as a form of family planning. Visit your nearest healthcare centre or contact Marie Stopes SA on 0800 117 785 for more information on family planning.

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