Ask Dr Nomteto: I have wounds on my penis

By Drum Digital
28 March 2017

Whenever I have sex without using a condom my penis develops cracks beneath the head and on the sides.


It’s been happening for six months now. I had unprotected sex two weeks ago and developed wounds on my penis.

What could be the cause and what’s the solution?

Dr Nomteto answers

The cause is highly likely to be a sexually-transmitted infection (STI) and the treatment will be related to the diagnosis.

If you attend any of the voluntary medical male circumcision sites, the screening for STIs and treatment is free.

Visit Chaps’ website at or call 073-665-5220/082-776-8959 to find your nearest centre.

You can also SMS Brothers for Life on 43740 to get an instant message of locations near you

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