Ask Dr Nomteto: I'm incontinent

By Drum Digital
20 June 2016

I’m a 24-year-old mother of two and have a problem with my bladder.


I have embarrassing moments in public where I get the urge to pass water and by the time I get to the toilet, I am already wet and I can’t control it.

It’s now causing havoc in my life, and I don’t have money to go see a gynaecologist.

Please help.


The most common cause of frequency and urge in urinating is a urinary tract infection.

A bladder that’s received some trauma (after an accident or childbirth) will also give some of the symptoms you’ve described.

So being a mother of two might have something to do with your symptoms whether or not they appeared after the first or second delivery.

You don’t have to specifically see a gynaecologist for this problem. Visit a public health centre to rule out a urinary tract infection, and they can prescribe an anti-biotic.

If it’s a problem that can’t be managed medically, then surgery can be done.

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