Ask Dr Nomteto: Reversing Circumcision

By Drum Digital
09 June 2016

Can a circumcision be reversed?


While it has advantages, it’s now affecting my sexual life.

Just touching my penis used to lead to an erection but now that I’ve removed the forehead skin, I struggle to have erections.

What can I do?


Yes, but not to the original state it was before the surgery.

The scar tissue from the surgical removal of the foreskin will always be weaker than the uncircumcised one or mechanical repair.

Surgical and non-surgical methods are available in this day and age of aesthetic plastic-surgery.

However, the success to restore your struggle to have erections is not guaranteed by the foreskin reversal.

The penile erection is not primarily foreskin dependent. There is a combination of many complex factors including psychological, vascular, muscular, hormonal, neural, involuntary and voluntary or mechanical that are not always related to sexual arousal or attraction.

You can visit a sex therapist (practitioners who are specifically trained to deal with a patient’s sex life).

They have vast knowledge beyond the clinical management most GPs can offer, which would be to rule out other related diseases like diabetes, depression or Adult Hyperactive Deficit Disorder, and manage the underlying cause with prescription drugs to address the symptoms you are presenting.

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